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Project #1

CPOG organizes Greenville Day each fall.  Businesses and the town sponsor fireworks at Vanderbilt Park.  The school and other non-profits organize activities.  There is a town-wide yard sale during the day, music and a bonfire in the park at night. Greenville Day weekend includes

carnival rides, petting zoo, concert and fireworks, town wide yard sale, crafters and more.  Greenville Day is held on the last weekend in September..  Volunteers are needed to help with this event, especially to manage parking on the Saturday of Greenville Day.


Project #2

The Greenville Beautification Committee is working to preserve Prevost Hall, with restoration of the stain glass windows.  Long term, the town and GBC are working to create a community center in the historic building. 

The building is open to use by the community.  CPOG organizes events in Prevost Hall.  Other groups are encouraged to plan events in the Hall; contact the Town Supervisor or Maintenance for approval.

GBC also helps the town by writing grants.   Volunteer grant writers are welcome.

Project #3

CPOG makes improvements in George V. Vanderbilt Park, including additions to the community room that can be reserved for family gathering and events.  CPOG assists other nonprofits using the park to add to recreational offerings and amenities, having contributed funds to the dog park and the expansion of the soccer fields.​

CPOG also seeks grants for improving the trails and holds a trail improvement day on the first Saturday in May.  Iroquois Transmission Pipelines has been a key partner in creating and improving the park. 

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Project #4

The Freehold Beautification Committee works in the hamlet of Freehold, maintaining the historic lampposts.  The committee is currently inactive.  Interested residents with ideas for activities are improvements should contact CPOG.

Pink Flowers

Project #5

CPOG organizes the very popular Greenville Summer Concert Series on Tuesday nights in July and August.  Volunteers are needed for raffle sales and for organizing concerts for 2023.

CPOG also seeks grants for the concerts.  The Greene County Council on the Arts and New York State thru its Arts grants have been key supporters.

Carpentry Work

Project #6

GBC works with the town on public projects, providing volunteer labor, grant writing assistance, and funding of community initiatives.

In 2022, volunteers from CPOG assisted the town in applying for a NY Forward grant.  Work continues on bringing grants to Greenville.  

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