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Community Partners of Greenville is a community organization established to benefit the Greenville community - including you! Our town's prosperity and health depends upon your participation and generosity. The organization was originally formed as the Greenville Citizens Park Committee to enhance George V. Vanderbilt Park. The Freehold Beautification Committee was formed to add streetscape components in the hamlet of Freehold. The Greenville Beautification Committee was formed with membership of the Town Supervisor, Town Maintenance and others to enhance the Greenville Hamlet and other spaces in the town. The Arts Around Greenville Committee was formed to bring the community together in celebration of the arts.   

**Please enter "Prevost Hall" in Donate in the name of box or write on check if donation is specific to restoring Prevost Hall as a community center.**

Donations/Annual Membership

To donate and become a member use the convenient form on this page. If you prefer to send a check, mail your tax deductible contribution to:

Community Partners of Greenville

PO Box 252

Greenville, NY 12083

  • Youth - Free membership

  • Artist - $10

  • Individual - $15

  • Family - $20

  • Business - $25

  • Sponsor - $50 or more

  • Benefactor - $100 or more

  • Rock Star - $250 or more

Donate/Join Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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