Community Partners of Greenville (CPOG) was formed as the Greenville Citizens Park Committee to assist with the development of Vanderbilt Park.  CPOG is committed to the protection, preservation, and development of natural and historic resources in the Greenville area.

CPOG holds its annual meeting in May.  Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Greenville Library large community room.

Current Board Members

William Von Atzingen, President

Brian Mulligan, Vice President and Board Member

Aileen Hesel, Secretary and Board Member

Stephanie Ingalls, Co-Treasurer and Board Member

Barbara Walter, Co-Treasurer 

Brian Mulligan, Board Member

William Bardel, Board Member

Robin Troeger, Board Member

Debra Danner, Board Member

Lesley Smith, Board member


The Greenville Beautification Committee (GBC) is a non-partisan group made up of leaders and members from your local community. In partnership with the Town of Greenville and other community organizations, the Committee seeks to enhance Greenville spaces through various public initiatives.

The committee holds open meetings every second Thursday of each month at 9 am in the Greenville Town Hall.

Current GBC Members

Ginny Mangold (Chairman)

Nicole Ambrosio (Vice Chair)
William Bardel
Robin Frechette

Rene Hamilton
Andrea Macko
Paul Macko
Brian Mulligan

Debbie Von Atzingen
Barbara Walter

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